The first solution that finds a sworn translator for you

The Hiero mobile application

Découvrir la solutionHow can we easily choose and select a translator to have our documents translated as soon as possible? Is it absolutely necessary to go through endless directories to find a translator? Not anymore! The Hierø mobile application enables its users to find a translator available and close to their location to translate as soon as possible We imagined this solution as a way to help anyone who doesn't know where to look when they need to translate legal documents as soon as possible. It's very easy to use: take a photo of the document, select your translator, send your order and retrieve your translation!

The Hiero translator solution

Découvrir la solutionIs it possible for a translator to save time when editing a document for translation? Hiero wishes to help every translator! Our solution, dedicated to our translators enables you to receieve requests to translated documents, but above all to process them directly on our platform. We set up an automatic edition of the document , so you can completely focus on your translation. You'll be able to manage your invoices for each service within the plateform. No more paper! Display services, the languages you translate, your own pricing
Our solution has been imagined to guide, help and support you in any way possible!

The Hiero Professional solution

Découvrir la solutionHow can we easily manage all our translation requests? Whether you are a law firm, an organization, a univeristy, a company, etc., Hiero will allow you to centralize your requests and handle everything through our solution, a space dedicated to professionals..
Whether you have a specific budget or not, our space makes it possible to manage your requests, invoices and accounting ; consult your statistics (type of documents, languages ordered...) in real time.
Whether you need to request a translation or an interpretation, you'll find everything you need.