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Solution Professionnelle - Etablissements AcadémiquesWe understand how hard it can be, for students and researchers, when they make their way to the country and want to socially and legally fit in.. Hiero has been imagined as a way to help them with the administrative part of their procedure, such as requesting the translation of their legal documents.

We guide you, step by step

Provide your students with a digital handbook!

Our team had the idea to gather, in a digital booklet, every information students and researchers would deem necessary to begin their procedure: the administrative process, financial aid, housing and traveling. Our partners, who are also there to guide and support them, are present in this booklet. Ask yours today, contact our team..

Our collaborators

We put your studients and research workers in touch with the best organizations to help them in their efforts.
Solution Professionnelle - Etablissements Académiques
Solution Professionnelle - Etablissements Académiques
Solution Professionnelle - Etablissements Académiques
Solution Professionnelle - Etablissements Académiques

Making it easier to find a translator

At the moment, looking for a translator (and thus starting the process) is long and complicated. Hiero provides a specific tool to find a translator close to your current location. All that's left to do is mention the languages needed, adding the document as a picture or PDF and choosing the translator closest to you. The translation is done as soon as possible, with a downloadable version and an original version you must retrieve.

Making it easier to find an accomodation

You can't find a place to stay? No student accomodations either? Our collaborator CoHomly can help you find one. The website offers students to find a place through advertisements made by families willing to welcome a student in their home in exchange for tutoring, baby-sitting, homework assistance... This system is perfect to blend in and to continue your studies without any worries. And, of course, to meet new people!

Helping you to socially and financially fit in

If you choose the scientific path, Science Accueil is there to help you! The organization provides lots of practical information to get a job, financial and social help... They offer French courses to learn the language; they organize group outings to discover the country's cultura assets : its art, its culture, its history... Moral support is what matters most: they are here if you need to talk.

Helping you with mobility and insurance

Should you travel abroad for tourism, to study or to work, Go by AVA (a company specialized in travel insurance and mobility) is here to advise and inform when you're travelling: how to prepare your arrival in the country as well as your return, finding an accomodation for the duration of your stay, taking into consideration all administrative and health procedures... Between advice and insurance, leave with peace of mind!

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