A solution imagined by translators for translators

Are you a sworn translator, technical translator and/or interpreter? Do you have a lot of projects to manage and no way to automate them?
Do you need a reliable tool to manage your customer relations and invoicing? A tool that edits your templates for each official document?
Choose Hiero and you'll reduce the time spent on your translations by 70%. We automate all your tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Missions qualifiées

Get new qualified missions on your account

Translation memory

Create your translation memory automatically

Gestion de clients

Manage all your clients, all in one place

Gestion de comptabilité

Manage your accounting from start to finish

Our packages

  • Bronze
  • 34,70
  • or €416,5 per year

  • Silver
  • 60
  • or €720 per year

  • Gold
  • 100
  • or €1200 per year

  • Bronze
  • €34,70 /month
  • Silver
  • €60 /month
  • Gold
  • €100 /month
Mission management system
Interactive dashboard
Consultation and response to missions
Immediate email alerts for each new mission
Automatic template edition
Instant communication with your clients
Instant billing
Account manager
Mobile app for remote management
Add your own letterhead
Client recurrence
Import your own clients
Translation memory

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Go paperless!

Centralizing your documents will help you find them more easily
Hiero encourages an easy system to organize and manage your documents by going paperless. The software also provides a backup space to store all your translations. You will also have access to your own history and a document sharing feature. It is a good way act eco-friendly.

Structure your documents

Editing your layout can take as much time as translating the document
Hiero creates beforehand a specific template for your document by analyzing which document is requested. This feature will give you more time to focus on your translations.
All this, with great serenity.

Manage you projects with our dashboard

You can easily get lost when it comes to managing your projects & invoices.
Hiero centralizes everything through an interactive dashboard, allowing you to manage your requests in real time. You will be able to browse every detail of your accounting, your invoices, your client list and all your sales (current and/or finalized).

Consult your statistics in real time

Nowadays, you may think it is necessary to access your statistics in real time.
Hiero gives you the opportunity to see them live. They are available in different scales (week, month and/or year), depending on your needs.
It's then very easy to see which projects were accepted and/or completed, the type of document and the language requested the most.

Use Hiero as a business facilitator

You no longer need to wait until you receive emails to find your clients!
Hiero brings them directly to you! The software receives your missions in real time. You can mention whether you are available or already working on a project. The platform helps you adjusting your working time and lets you control your workload.

A business facilitator

Hiero manages every new mission from start to finish: reception, instant template edition and authentification.
Use Hiero as a business facilitator. Give your customers the opportunity to own a professional account with us: it's free!

What's in it for you?

All your request come for our software, thus your templates are automatically edited. Therefore, you save a significant amount of time!
In addition, we provide a discount, lasting an entire year.

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