The solution that finds a sworn translator for you

Are you an expert in professional immigration and social protection?
Do you facilitate mobility to France of a foreign country? Do you use your know-how to help and accompany expatriates? HIERØ is your partner of choice and provides a management solution for your translation orders!

Obtention d'un devis en 30 secondes

Get a quote in 30 secondes

Demandes de traduction autonomes

Place a translation order on your own

Réception des documents rapide

Receive your documents in 2 to 48 hours

Budget mensuel ou annuel

Charge a monthly or annual budget

Our packages

  • Standard
  • 30
  • par utilisateur / par service
    or €360 per year
  • Essential
  • 40
  • par utilisateur / par service
    or €480 per year
  • Premium
  • 50
  • par utlisateur / par service
    or €600 per year

  • Standard
  • €30 /month
  • Essential
  • €40 /month
  • Premium
  • €50 /month
Training for every department
Immediate translator / interpreter research
Translator/Interpreter geolocation
Digital account
File storage and management
Monthly order recap
Live project progression
Live budget management
Messaging service
Delivery of your translations by post
Full budget management
Account manager
Custom orientation, depending on the most requested languages
Delivery of your translations by courier
Division of the budget within several departments, depending on its users
Legalization of your documents with management by an authorized representative

Our solution

Go paperless!

Centralizing your documents will help you find them more easily
Hiero encourages an easy system to organize and manage your documents by going paperless. The software also provides a backup space to store all your translations. You will also have access to your own history and a document sharing feature. It is a good way act eco-friendly.

Find your translator automatically

You no longer need to go through endless directories to find a translator.
Our software lets you import your document. Using our algorithm, we put you in touch with the most suitable translator to reply to your request. Once the translation is completed, within 48 hours, you can directly download a copy and then pick up the original copy of the document.

Manage your translation budget

An annual overview on all translation-related transcations.
Hiero centralizes everything through an interactive dashboard, allowing you to manage all your requests in real time. You will be able to browse every detail of your accounting and consult every invoice for each project. You can also manage the budget specially granted for your translation projects.

Consult your statistics in real time

Nowadays, you may think it is necessary to see your statistics in real time.
Hiero gives you the opportunity to see them live. They are available in different scales (week, month and/or year), depending on your needs. It's then very easy to see which projects were accepted and/or completed, the type of document and the language requested the most.

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