The Hiero mobile application

Mobile applicationThe Hiero mobile application has been imagined for private individuals, for anyone in need to translate a specific document and thus has to find a sworn translator available to translate the document. The app meets a specific need : finding a translator close to your location , using a geolocation feature , so you can retrieve the translation as soon as possible.

Download the app

Our mobile app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Download it now!

Mobile application Mobile application

Very simple to use

You'll find below the instructions on how to use our mobile app. . Screencaps are available for each step, just click on the image in question..

Take a picture

Mobile application

Begin your order by choosing the original language of the document , its country of origin, the language in which your document has to be translated and the type of document requested.

The, you can add a picture of the document, or a PDF file . You'll then get a recap of your order.

Choose your translator

Mobile application

For this step, it is required that you turn on the GPS location; should you not, our translators won't appear on your screen and you won't be able to carry on with your order. Find a translator, you get to choose among several translators , depending on their prices, and their location. Once you've selected your translator, click on Choose.

Send your request

Mobile application

All you have to do is to check the information you provided beforesending your translation request.

The translator then receives the order and will decide if he is available or not to process it. Otherwise, you'll be redirected towards an available translator.

Retrieve your document

Mobile application

Once the translator has completed your order, you must proceed to payment, check and confirm the translation before retrieving it.

The translator first sends a downloadable copy of the document, but it has no legal value. You must present the original copy of your document to the translator so that he can give you the original translation with his seal and signature.