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Solution Professionnelle - AssociationsWhen you assist and support newcomers in your country they need to get their personal and professional documents translated.
Hiero has designed for you a solution allowing you to select a translator and/or interpreter quickly and manage the budget you want to allocate to all your translation orders!

Our packages

  • Standard
  • 120
  • per user / per center
    being € 10 (excl. VAT) per month

  • Essential
  • 190
  • per user / per center
    being € 16 (excl. VAT) per month

  • Premium
  • 250
  • per user / per center
    being € 21 (excl. VAT) per month

  • Standard
  • €120 (excl. VAT)
  • Essential
  • €190 (excl. VAT)
  • Premium
  • €250 (excl. VAT)
Team training
Immediate translator / interpreter research
Translator/Interpreter geolocation
Digital account
File storage and management
Monthly order recap
Live project progression
Live budget management
Messaging service
Delivery of your translations by post
Full budget management
Account manager
Custom orientation, depending on the most requested languages
Delivery of your translations by courier
Division of the budget within several departments, depending on its users

Our solution

Find a translator/interpreter in record time

Do you need to make a translation request?
Fill out our form and Hierø will find you the translator/interpreter you need. We integrate a geolocation feature to our form to help you find the right translator/interpreter close to you. Once you’ve selected the translator you can send them your documents. We opt for a translation as soon as possible. That way, you no longer need go through pages and pages of directories.

Manage your budget

This option is quite useful if you vote an annual budget for all your translations.
Our platform allows a direct access to your budget. You can allocate the amount you need whenever and readjust it anytime. Should your organization decide not to vote a budget for your translations, we also provide a one-shot service.
Hiero edits your invoices automatically after each service. You can access and download them directly on your personal account.

A digital account

Go paperless!
Hierø imagined a secured page dedicated to your account. You no longer need to send various emails, everything is centralized. You have a mission area to all your orders. An admin account can be added to supervise the accounts of all the members of your organization.

Consult your statistics

Manage your budget and view your statistics!
It will be very helpful for your management. We provide statistics on various scales (by week, month and year, you can choose what suits you best). Take a look at all the services you've requested, the type of document you ask for the most, the languages you or your members need the most. This will allow you to change your budget if needed!

What if your organization doesn't allocate a specific budget to translations?

By becoming our partner, your members will get a promotional code in order to get a discount on their translations. This code is ONLY to be used on Hiero Mobile App. Also, the mobile app is ONLY available to the organization that don’t allocate a specific budget to translations.

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