In 2020, Hiero won the Graines de Boss competition. This prestigious award, handed out by the GROUPE M6, aims to identify European start-ups with the most promising projects.

Entrepreneurs are given a unique opportunity to grow their business while being supported by experienced professionals. Graines de Boss, launched each year on the French programme Capital, airing on channel M6, is widely popular and attracts a growing number of entrepreneurs .

A careful selection of the winners and a strong involvement of the members (individual entrepreneur/mentor interview) encourage confidence and leads to the development of the company (funding, contract signing, resource provision, guidance).

L’objectif de ce programme est simple : aider les entrepreneurs à réussir en leur fournissant des ressources et un soutien. Le concours offre une aide financière ainsi que des conseils d’experts du domaine.

The purpose of this programme is to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing specific resources and support. The competition offers financial assistance and guidance from experts in the field. By entering this competition, we wanted to prove that our translation solution is one of the best in the world. And we succeeded, as HIERO was one of 16 lucky winners this year.

Today, we continue to prove the quality of our solution, especially through our collaboration with international partners such as,, etc.

The Graines de Boss award is the result of our hard work, but above all, team efforts made with passion. And that is why we were nominated in the "best start-up" category.

It is a great pleasure and an amazing opportunity to promote our innovative translation management tool and our ability to move forward as a team. Our platform helps you find sworn translators and interpreters in 1 click, wherever you are!

And your sworn translations will be delivered to you within 2 to 48 hours maximum, depending on the number of documents/pages. We translate into more than 100 languages, including rare languages such as Wolof, Bambara, Swahili and Dari, among others.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us throughout this journey and who are actively contributing to our success, notably our customers, partners, suppliers and team.