Hierø, which provides artificial intelligence for legal translations, is one of the 16 winners of the 2020 edition of Graines de Boss.

Graines de Boss, a springboard for business creators

This contestsupported by M6 Group (le Groupe M6), was created in 2004 to provide essential support to young entrepreneurs with the help of their own mentors (often from large companies). Every edition is launched on CAPITALa program broadcasted on M6. Every year, it is a great success.
Graines de Boss allows its winners reach international waters through international mentors and specific partners.

An initiative that promotes and supports entrepreneurs

The 2020 is marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. It didn't stop its organizers from dedicating themselves to supporting and guiding entrepreneurs. Graines de Boss is first and foremost a way to promote association innovation, the creativity, the audacity ofFrench entrepreneurshipThe contest also grants access to more significant fundraising for the company, whether destined for development, financing new resources or simply contributing.

The 16 winners will meet on November 27th, at the French Ministry of the Economy and FInance for an award ceremony that will close this 16th edition.

Winners with various talents

Our talent, artificial intelligence, is not the only one given the opportunity to shine during this 2020 edition. This year, the focus is on: eco-friendliness, accessories, technology, childhood, talent, food and growth. Want to find out more?Browse the directory regrouping the winners of the 16th edition of Graines de Boss.