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15 March 2022

Les associations des traducteurs et interprètes en France

La traduction met en relief les différences entre les cultures et permet de mieux se comprendre. En France, au panthéon des acteurs de la traduction et de l’interprétation, se sont inscrits des associations et syndicats pour défendre les intérêts communs et promouvoir le métier de traducteur.

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09 February 2022

How to become a sworn translator in France

A sworn translator in France is a translator approved by a Court of Appeals of the French judiciary. His work consists in establishing certified translations of all documents submitted to him. He stamps every document he translates to make it official or legal.

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04 November 2021

How to become a Sworn Translator in Portugal?

In Portugal, translations can be made by any professional translator and then certified by a notary, a lawyer or a chamber of commerce.

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21 October 2021

A look back at the 65th Franco-German Congress

The event was initiated by the Fédération des Assocations Franco-Allemandes pour l'Europe (FAFA Europe) as well as the VDFG für Europa (Vereinigung Deutsch-Französischer Gesellschaften für Europa e.V.) to improve the economic, social and cultural cooperation between our two countries.

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30 September 2021

International Translation Day, 2021 Edition

During the 71st International Translation Day Session, the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously passed Resolution A/RES/71/288, paying tribute to the role of the language professions in fostering peace, understanding and development.

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